Darjeeling Earl Grey

About dargeeling early grey

Naturally Contains Caffeine

Most of the Earl Greys you find use a poor quality tea base from China, which is like palming yourself off as landed gentry when all you own is a Barbour. We use the finest Darjeeling from the foothills of the Himalayas and add to it the finest bergamot citrus from sunny southern Italy to create something altogether more gentrified.

Compare the large leaf in our tea temples to the dust in your regular tea bag; whole leaf is best.


The exotic, floral tones of Darjeeling tea are balanced with the zesty citrus taste of bergamot.

Try it

With a slice of lemon, no milk – that’s the way we like it, but each to their own. Same with the sugar.

Good if you’re feeling

Bored, lethargic and in need of a lift. Gives a subtle boost to concentration without a dizzyingly unnerving caffeine headspin.


Black tea, flavouring, cornflower petals