The Tea

When you have the best classic van in the Southwest, you need a high quality tea to do it justice! Taking on the mission to provide you with the finest ‘whole leaf’ tea was made easy knowing that teapigs were right there alongside us. For you who don’t know them, teapigs were established in 2006 by self confessed ‘tea addicts’ Nick and Louise, who set about creating a collection of quality, diverse and ethical teas for the more discerning drinker. What they have achieved is quite remarkable.

As converts to teapig’s ‘real tea mission’ Couple of Mugs are able to provide a wide range of teapigs tea. Use the left hand menu to find out more about the range.


The Snacks

So what snack could possibly match this combination of fine French Engineering and thirst quenching teapigs tea?
Well let us ask you one question: what’s better than your Mum’s cooking?… Our Mum’s cooking! Late one evening we took copies of the recipes handed down through generations and distributed them between select friends and family. These guys now provide us with the most tantalizing flapjacks, cookies and biscuits known to man!

All our products are made from the highest quality ingredients by those nearest and dearest to us.