I’m no Mug

Interesting poem given to us by Lewie…

I don’t know why I’m called a mug
When I am very clever.
I changed the way some folk drink tea,
Perhaps it’s changed forever.

I did not have to try too hard,
You quickly took to me;
You brought me home and showed me off,
Then filled me up with tea.

Again you went out shopping,
Again you bought some mugs;
You put them in the cupboard
Beside the sugar bowl and jugs.

Then one day you did something
I wanted you to do.
You put away the tea set
And the teapot followed, too.

I knew that it was not a phase,
That I was here to stay
And then I knew the teapot
And the tea set had had its day.

No matter where you go
You’ll surely find me there,
Because I’ve become a way of life,
I’m almost everywhere.

So I’m the one you call a mug,
But, really, can’t you see?
You put away those lovely things
So you’re the mug, not me.

By Jean Forrest, London