Tea Magazine

We were very excited to be interviewed for a feature by TeaMag.com. TeaMag create and distribute their Tea enthusiast magazine in a variety of locations throughout the United States. A snipit of the article is displayed below, for more information about the magazine visit TeaMag.com

If someone mentions drinking tea in England, perhaps your mind turns immediately to elegant lounges in chic hotels, three-tier cake stands, porcelain cups and saucers, muted conversations and uniformed waiters hovering with the teapot.

Well, forget all that for a while and instead, imagine yourself enjoying a day out in the English countryside – perhaps at a classic car rally, a day at the races, an antiques fair, a summer fete, a sports day. You’ve wandered and chatted, cheered and sympathized, met new friends, purchased a souvenir or two, put your umbrella up and down a couple of times, and taken a few photos.

Now you need a refreshing cup of tea! But there are no tearooms anywhere in the vicinity. And you’re really not dressed for that posh hotel in the nearby town. What to do? Hold on – what’s that queue over there near that old van – and look, those people all seem to be clutching mugs of…can it be tea?

This demands an investigation…

 Tea Magazine May-June 2012


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