So why Couple of Mugs?

Well, being prepared to diversify from professional careers armed with nothing more than a passion for ‘real tea’ and a once neglected 40 year old van grasped from the jaws of a South Wales scrap yard… The name was really given to us.


How much do a Couple of Mugs cost?

Providing a quote for your event is dependent on several factors which include the distance from our HQ to your event, the length of the event and number of guests. As such, we do not have a ‘price list’, use the contact us page and let us know your requirements for a fixed price quotation.


Will you attend our local event?

We love the little events as much as we love the festivals, if you have a wedding, barn dance, shindig or country club meeting then let us know, we would love to be a part of your special day.


Do Couple of Mugs serve food?

At the moment we can offer a wide variety of snacks to accompany your delicious brew, if you have something in particular in mind then just ask. (We don’t do Sunday roasts).


Have a question that is not listed above?

Please use our online contact form or pick up the phone and give us a call.