Quantock Hills


As a special thank you and a “dry run” for ourselves and Cedric, we held a free quintessential Tea Tasting evening on the Quantocks

With Cedric now fully restored, landowners consent and a wide variety of licenses and insurance. The next hurdle was getting Cedric to the top of a 1000 ft 1 in 4 hill, using his original but serviced 1971 engine! With a support vehicle in situe and a selection of things crossed we began our assent. To our amazement Cedric embraced the challenge and without hesitation stormed to the top. Hurrah!

“Setting up shop” took us less than 15 minutes and with the boiler switched on we had time to relax and enjoy the picturesque Quantock views. 40 minutes after arrival the historic first cup of whole leaf tea was poured, not to a friend or family member but to a hardworking cyclist who had conquered the hills. His expression (as you can imagine) was one of both delight and confusion! We didn’t ask his name, instead took the mystery cyclist’s request for a Liquorice and Peppermint and in turn requested a photo!

The evening was a complete success with tea being widely appreciated during sunset.

Thanks to all those that attended the evening, we are eternally grateful for your help in getting Couple of Mugs to where we are today. The feedback which has been delivered through both constructive criticism and good humour will be used to make us the Mugs that you know we can be.

Thanks to Emily Foyle who provided the snacks for the evening, the raspberry flapjacks were sensational!

We are thoroughly looking forward to our first opportunity to offer tea to the masses. Blackdown Beer Festival which is on the 12th August, hopefully see you there!



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