Blackdown Beer Festival 2011


With confidence riding high we were very excited to be supplying the attendees of Blackdown Beer Festival with whole leaf tea and cakes.

For those of you that don’t know, Blackdown Beer Festival is set in the heart of the gorgeous Blackdown Hills on the Somerset/Devon border, they have an amazing selection of local beers, ciders, great food and most importantly fantastic music.

What we love about this festival is that the money raised goes to funding music in the local schools and community. It meant that we were not only able to provide the tea-total music fans and designated drivers with a much needed brew, but also help fundraising in the local community.

On arriving at Blackdown Beer Festival we were amazed by the sense of community. Instantly we were given a tour of the site and were offered a variety of pitches for setting up.

Although we were ready and rearing to go by 16.30 the gates didn’t open until 18:00. It gave us chance to offer a few free brews to those that had been working hard to set up the marquees, sound systems, bars etc.

The Friday night was unfortunately served with a heavy helping of rain making outdoor activity minimum. However, the look upon the cold and wet festival goers face when they saw a variety of tasty teas being served from a steaming boiler was worth it! Saturday was a different picture. Where once stood a drunken local doing the robot in the rain was now a happy family enjoying the various activities that were going on throughout the day. Again the sense of community was alive and it was an enjoyable experience to provide them with a much needed brew.

We met a lot of great people, from WI members to local farmers, we really enjoyed being there and will hopefully be back next year!

Thank you so much to “the Wright sisters!” who mothered us and made us feel at home, a great festival and we highly recommend it!

Thanks to Darley and Emily who worked their socks off to create the Millionaire shortbread, Brownies, Flapplejacks and Cookies.

Quote of the festival: “I’ll give you eight eighths and two quarters of a pound for a brownie and a small cup of milk”



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