About Us

About us

With a mixture of childlike naivete and adult ambition, we (Rhys and Rhys) are making what some called a pipe dream…into a reality.

Armed with nothing more than passion, enthusiasm and a once neglected 40 year old we waved goodbye to our professional careers to embark on a quest to bring a unique and bespoke service for public and private events.

Our aim is simple: to create a mobile bar and tea van that will provide a head turning, thirst quenching, mouth watering talking point to any event.

Inspired by the search for a unique catering experience we have collaborated with teapigs to offer an array of fine, exotic and exciting ‘whole leaf’ teas from around the world. All accompanied by delicious made to order, home-made cakes that we have rigorously taste tested over the last year.

In collaboration with local breweries we offer some of the finest Ciders, Beers and Ales known to man. For those looking for something special we use selected spirits to create a menu of cocktails, just ask/tell us what you want.

The real star of the show has to be Cédric, our iconic 1970’s Citroen HZ Van. Grasped from the jaws of a South Wales Scrap yard, Cédric has received hundreds of man (and woman) hours spent restoring him to his former glory.

He now gleams proudly as one of the best examples of the increasingly rare Citroen H-Vans in the UK.

Read more about Cedric…

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